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Think Big,Create Bigger.

No digital product is out of reach with our skills in UI, UX, AI, writing, and development.
We make ideas real.




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Embrace The Flow

Whether you're launching a new project, revitalizing an existing one, or simply seeking validation for your innovative idea, we're here to help.
Our expertise is tailored to nurture your business at any stage, ensuring your vision not only takes shape but thrives. Let's work together to turn your dreams into reality!

Big ideasmade real.

Our team brings concepts to life with
scalable, human-centric design and expert development.

Trusted by
leading brands

AdobeCogs & MarvelGoogleSpot FitnessYouTubeHiHelloSurareturn7lifecacheDeloittePWCRadio JavanBCM LondonHaysTruliaArete Health PartnersGallaher EdgeMerriwoodSyniverseKFORCEADPeStaff365Dr. Shekari and AssociatesuscreenXCIRA Auction Management

Simple Pricingenormous outcome.

You envision it, we build it.
Custom digital solutions. Real results. Proven experts.

Where Ideas Take Shape

Our Rinen (理念) / Philosophy


Focus on small improvements every day. You don't have to do everything at once, just aim to make progress little by little.


Approach tasks with a beginner's mindset. Don't worry about being perfect or having all the answers - just be open to learning and trying new things.


Embrace imperfection! Instead of stressing over every little detail, focus on what's important and find beauty in simplicity. Done is better than perfect, so go ahead and take action!

Asynchronous Work

At NZO Studio, we believe in the power of asynchronous work. Working asynchronously allows team members to choose when and how they work, resulting in a more efficient and productive workflow. This approach also ensures that our team members are not forced to work within a specific timeframe, allowing them to work at a pace that suits their needs. By promoting an asynchronous work culture, we can deliver high-quality work in a timely and efficient manner without sacrificing the well-being of our team members.

See your product come alive
in matter of days, not years.

Continuous Delivery

We prioritize workflows that are easy to understand, with fast response times and continuous delivery. By designing and developing simultaneously, we can move quickly and provide prompt results. We have unique features that make quality control effortless, and we plan to ensure we meet all project goals. You can trust us to deliver quality work from start to finish.

Our Expertise Encompasses

MongoDBGithubAffinitySupabaseFramer MotionVercelFigmaNextjsTrelloAirtableSquarespacepipedreamsoftrAdobeSketchReactcloudflare

No Meetings

No hidden costs

No wasted energy

No missed communication

We are here because we love what we do. Our passion drives us to create and solve problems that matter.

  • Intuitive Platforms

    Our platforms and dashboards feature straightforward navigation and built-in guidance for ease of use. You'll be up and running in no time.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    We continuously test and integrate the most useful emerging tech tools. You'll have access to advanced capabilities that simplify processes.

  • Future-Proof Solutions

    We build flexible foundations ready to support new directions, providing you with long-term value.

  • Exceptional Support

    Our experts deeply understand our products and are here to help you maximize your investment.

Don't settle for outdated technology and convoluted systems. Join the thousands of happy customers who trust nzo studio for easy-to-use solutions that are ahead of the curve. Let us simplify success for you today!

You Stay in Control

Simply drag and drop cards to prioritize tasks and mark progress. Easily spot bottlenecks and keep everything on track.

Scales from Small to Large Initiatives

Kanban boards flexibly adapt from simple to complex projects.

Expert Support Just a Card Away

Our team can help organize your workflow, optimize your board, or assist with any stage of your project. Whether it's your first or hundredth Kanban project, we're here to help.

Design - Figma

Figma’s real-time collaboration and intuitive features help us craft modern, customized designs.

Front-end - Next.js

The React framework Next.js allows us to build fast, SEO-friendly web apps with great performance.


  • Airtable for rapid prototyping of simple backends
  • Supabase for advanced backends requiring scalability and security

HTML/CSS - Latest & Best

We use cutting-edge techniques to craft lightning-fast, responsive user experiences.

Hosting - Vercel

Vercel provides optimized performance, scalability, and security for deployments.

At nzo studio, we believe the proof is in the work, not excessive meetings. We focus on delivering high-quality solutions, not booking up your calendar.

Efficient Remote Project Management

Our intuitive project management platform provides clear communication without constant calls or meetings. We'll keep you updated as we hit milestones—no need to talk it out.

17+ Years Refining Our Process

With over 17 years perfecting streamlined processes, our structured approach leads to optimal outcomes without wasted time.

Focus on Momentum and Results

We let the work speak for itself rather than distracting from progress with unnecessary meetings. Of course, we're available if anything urgent comes up.

Our Promise to You

We'll deliver exceptional finished products on time while respecting your most precious asset—time. Just put your trust in us, and the results will show.

So say goodbye to pointless calls, repetitive status updates, and all-day allocations. And say hello to more meaningful progress as we channel focus into what matters - bringing your vision to life

At NZO STUDIO, we put maximum care into delivering work we fully stand behind. Given our scope of effort, we cannot offer refunds once a project begins.

Setting Clear Expectations Up Front

However, we provide complete transparency from the start so you feel confident moving forward:

  • Detailed project scoping sessions
  • Regular Kanban board progress updates
  • Continual open communication and feedback
  • Only proceeding with your explicit approval

Your Full Satisfaction Is Our Aim

We want you to feel in control through our structured process. We'll iterate until you're completely happy with the results.

Trust and Shared Commitment

Rather than refunds, our policy focuses on alignment and delivering our best work the first time through collaboration. This ensures a positive experience without the need for refunds.

Please Reach Out

We'll address all questions upfront so you can proceed with confidence. Let's discuss how we can meet your project needs.

What People Are Saying!

“It feels good to know I have someone who will provide honest recommendations for a project and repeatedly produce high-quality work.”

- A leading industry professional

“Working with Roozbeh is always a joy. He is a subject matter expert, and that makes him extremely efficient. Roozbeh is also a terrific thought partner- I love brainstorming with him to crack a brief. He is proactive, asks great questions, and produces excellent quality work. I am always looking forward to work with him.”

- Madhur

“Working with Roozbeh is a pleasure. His expertise drives the HiHelloSura brand with innovative design, development, and technology. Roozbeh anticipates future needs, delivers personalized plans, and inspires success.”

- HiHelloSura

“I struggled to find a trustworthy developer willing to co-create with our business needs until I started working with Roozbeh.”

- A satisfied customer

Bridging Dreams to Reality Through Engaging and Impactful Design


Helping HiHelloSura's dream unfold, we transformed a Fortune-100 ambition into a magnetic brand reality. Through comprehensive design and development, we crafted an engaging ecosystem that resonates with her audience. A testament to effective UI/UX design, Sura's brand journey is now an industry inspiration.

Multi-Domain Event Management with Custom Email and Website Design Services

Cogs & marvel

We provide targeted solutions for global event management, including custom email designs and multiple tailor-made microsites for international events.

Crafting Digital Excellence: Where Design Meets Development and Innovation Drives User Experience.


Bridging the gap between design and code to create an immersive digital platform with enhanced UI/UX and optimized site speed. As a leader, I cultivate best practice-driven teams, fostering growth and delivering exceptional product experiences. My work drives PWC's business insights through the creation of powerful, user-centric, data-driven digital experiences.

Dr. Shekari and Associates

one place to learn grow and advance


Helping HiHelloSura's dream unfold, we transformed a Fortune-100 ambition into a magnetic brand reality. Through comprehensive design and development, we crafted an engaging ecosystem that resonates with her audience. A testament to effective UI/UX design, Sura's brand journey is now an industry inspiration.

Crafting Global User Experiences: From Concept to Reality.


An accomplished UI/UX Designer and Developer experienced in transforming concepts into user-friendly platforms. Expert in all project stages, from research to implementation, creating remarkable interfaces tailored to audience needs. Proven leadership in training and aligning teams for design consistency and resolving user experience issues.

Pioneering Intuitive Online Experiences for Seamless Fitness Exploration.


Revitalizing Spotfitness's web platform, I've delivered an intuitive and scalable user experience that swiftly leads to ideal workout spots. I'm continually refining the design, aiming to solidify Spotfitness as a digital leader in the fitness industry.

Refining Operations and Enhancing User Experiences for a Sustainable Future.

Gallaher Edge

During a pivotal growth phase, I streamlined the organization's infrastructure and workflows for enhanced efficiency and scalability. I persist as a UI/UX designer and front-end developer, crafting intuitive user experiences and contributing to the organization's ongoing success and customer satisfaction.

A Decade of Branding Mastery and Innovative Design.

Radio Javan

Unveiling a comprehensive brand overhaul, masterminding mobile app and website redesigns, elevating user interaction, and driving a significant increase in website traffic through uniform design language and stringent quality control.

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“He gets it, I can't say that about too many people!”

- Pooya Roohi

“I was just telling team that this kind of dev is world class, really fine work.”

- Toby

“Thanks so much for all of your work, you truly make it a seamless process.”

- Karen

“Roozbeh has been incredible to work with over the years. His dedication to each project and my ease while collaborating have created much trust in our partnership.”

- Kayla Wonisch, Customer Experience Advocate, Executive Coach, Gallaher Edge

“Roozbeh delivers high-quality design quickly, and is available for rapid back-and-forth communication to iterate and improve the work he produces.”

- Chetan Surpur

Pronounced "en-zoh studio." Our name takes inspiration from the Japanese concept of "Enso," a symbol of enlightenment, elegance, and the universe, reflecting our approach towards creativity and digital solutions.

At NZO Studio, we believe in the harmony of simplicity and functionality, a principle deeply rooted in Japanese philosophy which is mirrored in the services we offer. Leveraging expertise in UI, UX, AI, writing, and development, we transform grand ideas into tangible realities with a human-centric focus.

Our talented team thrives on daily Kaizen – continuous improvement, encouraging a beginner's mindset (Shoshin), and appreciating the beauty in imperfection (Wabi-sabi) to craft digital products that are not only ahead of the curve but also embody a deep philosophical essence that resonates with human experiences and expectations.

Embrace the flow of creativity and innovation with NZO Studio, where your ideas take the perfect shape.